Military Divorce in Northern Virginia

Let Divorce Attorney Claudia Zucker Assist You With Your Military Divorce

Many people who live in Northern Virginia are members of the military. Unfortunately, some of these married couples have or will file for divorce. Divorces are never easy, but when one or both spouses are members of the military, the divorce can be even more complicated. If you are in the process of filing for a military divorce and need the help of an experienced military divorce lawyer, call Claudia Zucker.

How Military Divorces Differ From Civilian Divorces

Military divorces differ from civilian divorces in several ways. One of the biggest ways is that military divorces are governed by two sets of laws — federal laws and state laws. Federal law determines certain aspects of the divorce, including issues related to military retirement benefits and health care benefits eligible to certain military members and their spouses. State law determines things such as property division, custody and visitation issues, and support decisions. If you want to have a say in how your divorce proceeds and ensure you are treated fairly, hire a family law attorney to help with your military divorce case.

What Happens To My Retirement Pay?

If you are in the military and file for divorce, there is a chance that your spouse could be entitled to a portion of your military retirement pay. In some cases, division of military retirement benefits may be leveraged in settlement negotiations. Your spouse can also garnish a portion of your military retirement benefits towards court ordered support payments. Your divorce attorney can help ensure that your spouse only receives the portion of your military benefits that the law requires and not more than that.

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