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Immigration and Divorce

If you live in Virginia and you need a divorce attorney, it’s relatively easy to find one. However, divorces in which one party is from another country, or one or more parties are members of the military, aren’t so easily handled. Very few family law offices have the experience and skill it takes to handle all of the tricky details involved.

In these complex situations, is critical that you consult a divorce attorney who knows family law as well as immigration law. Attorney Claudia Zucker has over 25 years of experience in immigration law to bolster that knowledge in ways that ensure the process goes quickly and smoothly, with as few headaches as possible.

The complications that could arise in divorces with immigration issues are as numerous and varied as the individuals involved. Attorney Claudia Zucker can help you with:

  • A divorce in which one spouse lives in the United States on a derivative temporary visa
  • A divorce in which one spouse (a U.S. resident) sponsored the children of the other spouse (an immigrant)
  • A divorce in which one spouse is in the military and the other is an immigrant**
  • Cases in which a U.S. citizen spouse files for an annulment instead of a divorce, claiming the immigrant spouse entered the marriage fraudulently in order to become a U.S.  permanent resident
  • Cases in which an immigrant filed for naturalization based on marriage to a U.S. citizen, but one or more parties now wish to divorce
  • A divorce in which an application by one spouse for legal permanent residence is pending and the other spouse has filed a divorce or whishes to file a divorce
  • A divorce in which the immigrant spouse believes that they have experienced either emotional or physical abuse by their U.S. citizen spouse or legal permanent resident spouse
  • Green card issues or legal permanent residents

With more than 15 years of experience handling complicated divorces, Attorney Zucker will also help you sort through and work out the details of the division of your joint marital property, child custody arrangements, child support agreements, visitation arrangements (including grandparent visitation), and alimony or spousal support.

Attorney Zucker has built her career by serving the community and military personnel of Northern Virginia, Alexandria, McLean, Arlington, and Fairfax County. She thoroughly understands both family law and immigration law, as well as the intricate ways the two interact. She will listen to your side of the story and help ensure you are treated fairly throughout the proceeding.


If you’ve already obtained a divorce with one of these special circumstances and you need to make changes to your child support or custody arrangements, attorney Zucker will help you petition for a modification. This includes changes due to:

  • The relocation or one or both parents
  • The remarriage of one or both parents
  • Military transfers
  • Significant changes in income (such as the loss of a job)

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