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Divorces always bring significant changes to the lives of everyone involved--and for some, that’s precisely the point. Divorce is often the conclusion to a story fraught with conflict, disappointment, and relationships that are broken beyond repair.

As if that weren’t enough, couples who decide to divorce actually take some real financial risks in doing so. Since one party may choose to file for spousal support (or alimony), if you were to approach your case with the wrong legal counsel, it could seriously cost you.

Spousal support is commonly awarded in situations where one spouse stayed home to run the household while the other spouse worked to earn the household’s income or in households where both parties worked, but one earned exponentially more income than the other. If you’re concerned about your standard of living, your children, and your credit score, you should consult an experienced spousal support attorney as soon as possible.

What Is Spousal Support (or alimony)?

Spousal support is not child support. It is awarded to the spouse with the lesser income so he or she may obtain the education or work training needed for suitable employment, or so he or she may maintain a certain standard of living. The courts consider several factors when determining the rate of spousal support, including:

  • The incomes and household contributions of both spouses
  • How joint marital property is to be divided
  • The length of the marriage
  • The age and health of both spouses
  • Debts and tax liabilities
  • Needs

Filing for Spousal Support

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, the court system doesn’t automatically award spousal support unless a party files for it in the divorce proceeding. Unlike with child support, there aren’t exact calculators and official ratios for these cases; the judge has room for discretion. If you have questions about the process, family law attorney Claudia Zucker will educate you on your options, help you make informed decisions, protect your rights, and ensure you are treated fairly.

She has the ability to help you file for temporary spousal support or to defend you against a spousal support request.

Spousal support may be obtained by filing a separate suit for maintenance rather than jumping in and filing for a divorce.

Post-divorce living takes a certain amount of planning. With more than fifteen years of experience in family law, Attorney Zucker takes the time to learn about each client. She will address any concerns you have, answer your questions, discuss your specific needs, and tailor her legal strategy to your support case. At this family law office, we listen to your story, outline realistic goals for the future, and help you find practical ways to find normalcy again.

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