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Arlington, Virginia Divorce Lawyer Understands How Child Custody Awards are Made

Claudia Zucker has been guiding families in Northern Virginia through tenuous divorce and custody issues for more than twenty-six years. Some of the more complicated child custody issues she has addressed in litigation successfully include but are not limited to:

  • Obtaining sole legal custody for one parent where the other parent is unfit, because they have a history of violence, and/or criminal convictions, and/or drug and alcohol-related issues
    *Obtaining sole legal custody for one parent where the other parent is unable to properly communicate with the other parent; and has attempted to manipulate visitation with a negative impact on the parties’ children
    *Obtaining sole legal custody when one parent has attempted to relocate far away (either out of state or out of the country) with the children without the other parent’s knowledge or consent
    *Obtaining sole legal custody when the other parent has exhibited symptoms of severe mental health issues and has failed to obtain the proper treatment or care resulting in bad decision-making abilities which are not in the best interest of the parties’ children
    *Obtaining sole legal custody when the other parent is deploying to another locality or country
    *Obtaining sole legal custody for a parent with disabled children when the other parent fails to recognize or accept the child’s disabilities

Although nobody can guarantee how a court will ultimately rule, it is important to have an experienced attorney when dealing with complex issues of disputed custody. There is nothing more important in divorce than assuring the best result for your children; and only an experienced attorney can help guide you through that process.

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