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Complicated Child Custody Issues

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Claudia Zucker has been guiding families in Northern Virginia through tenuous divorce and custody issues for more than twenty-six years. Some of the more complicated child custody issues she has addressed in litigation successfully include but are not limited to:

Winning Custody as a Father

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Child custody is awarded in custody case in two different categories: legal and physical. Legal custody determines which parents have decision making authority when it comes to decisions regarding the child’s general well being, health decisions, and educational decisions; while physical custody concerns where the child will reside.

Factors Determining Child Support

A Northern Virginia Attorney Can Help With Your Spousal Support Case

If you have recently gotten a divorce or are in the process of one, you may be concerned about how much you will have to pay in spousal support or worried about how much you may receive in spousal support. There are many things that can determine if and how much you have to give for spousal support. A Northern Virginia attorney can help you. Call attorney Claudia Zucker today for answers to your questions.

Considering a Court-Appointed Child Custody Evaluator

Ideally when the parents of minor children are divorced in Virginia, they are able to come to a parenting agreement that is both in the best interests of their children and acceptable to the parents. However, experience has shown that this is not always the case. Parents are frequently unable to find the middle ground and must turn to the Virginia courts. The courts take a number of factors into consideration when trying to determine custody, with the priority being the best interest of the child.

When Do I Request a Guardian Ad Litem?

When Do I Request a Guardian Ad Litem?

The appointment of a guardian ad litem can make or break your case. A guardian ad litem is an attorney appointed by the courts to represent the best interest of your minor child(ren). The guardian ad litem’s opinion or report sometimes has significant weight in a judges decision in your custody case. Sometimes, not much weight is given. There are many unknown factors when making a determination to request a guardian ad litem for your custody case. It is a slippery slope and can be a dangerous one.