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Child custody is awarded in custody case in two different categories: legal and physical. Legal custody determines which parents have decision making authority when it comes to decisions regarding the child’s general well being, health decisions, and educational decisions; while physical custody concerns where the child will reside.

A Virginia judge has the ability to award joint custody to both parents, or sole custody to one of them. Child custody in Virginia is focused on the best interests of the child, be that joint custody or sole custody for either the mother or the father.

Joint custody is frequently the best decision in the eyes of the court. For some fathers, joint custody might be considered a victory; sole custody can be awarded to either parent when one party presents sufficient evidence that it is impossible for both parents to work together in order to make decisions of the benefit of the child, so that the court must award one parent decision making authority.

Once custody is determined, it is possible to modify legal and/or physical custody be proving that there has been a material change in circumstance since the last court order was entered and that the change is in the best interest of the child. Some examples utilized by father’s in modification of custody cases include but not limited to remarriage to a new spouse that gives the father more stability; the birth of new siblings; relocation to an address closer to the mother’s home; changing educational needs of the child; mental health issues that arise; and instability in the mother’s home.

Although there isn’t any sure way to improve a father’s chances to gain custody, your attorney can explain the situation to put you in the best position to be awarded custody, either joint or sole, depending on what is best for your child.

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